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What's In This Section
Well being a "Weird Al" Yankovic fan from Australia i'm trying to bring you a fan site that gives you Australian Al news. So below you'll find information on tour dates, album/ dvd release dates and hopefully more...

There's not a lot of new information circulating the "Weird Al" inner circle at the moment so if you do stumble across something, even a rumour, then post it on the Corkboard on the Bits and Pieces page.

  Poodle Hat Review

OK well the Poodle Hat tour has come to a close.  Praise the lord the review is complete! I don't care if you hate it, i tried to get it to you as quickly as possible. Check out my 'Concert Review' page if you unfortuanatly missed the tour and you want the official Australian low-down.

  Album / DVD Release Dates

Al's latest album Poodle Hat (see The Latest Album page) is in stores now. No word on another album just yet as Poodle Hat was only release this year.

But Al's latest DVD "The Ultimate Video Collection" has hit Aussie shores.  If you can't find it everywhere then im afraid your going to have to pay ridiculously high prices at somewhere like HMV or Sanity.  The DVD includes all of Al's 24 music videos with a photo gallery and on-screen lyrics. Should be worth it!

Grammy Nomination

This isn't exactly Australian news and I mentioned this on the homepage but i doubt you probably saw it because it's on the bottom. So........... Da Da Da Daaaaaa! With absolutely no competition in my mind Mr "Weird" Al Yankovic has snagged the Grammy for Best Comedy Album. But honestly did anyone really doubt him for a second? Anyways, GO AL!!!!

The Ultimate Video Collection
  If you want to get some Al merchandise, T-Shirts and what not. You can get it at the official "Weird Al" Yankovic shop.


I'll keep you posted about more