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There you are wondering, "Who is this amazingly handsome guy on this webpage?"  And then you found my site with Al on it.

This little (but not really) section will give you an insight into the humble beginings of Al Yankovic.  From his crazy delivery into our world to how he made it big in the parody world and then on to his music career of today. Enjoy!  (When it's finished).  

Please Note:
  The information detailed on this page is both Factual and Fictitious.  I'm attempting to provide you with the real info while at the same time make it enjoyable to read.  Humorous sections may be adaptations from the book "The Authorised Al".

In The Begining

Our journey begins at the very begining with the birth of Al.  Here it is documented in the book.

"Nick (Al's Dad) knew the way; he had mapped out the fastest route to St. Vitus Hospital months ago and secretly practiced the drive every day. He was trying to obey the rules of the road, but Mary (Al's Mum, yes America in Australia it's spelt Mum) was in labor and kept screaming out. Suddenly Nick started to experience the strange phenomenon called symbiotic psychosis, where he physically shared Mary's labor pains. These strange new feelings frightened Nick, and he put the pedal to the floor.

Finally Nick's car screeched to a stop outside of the hospital. He gently helped Mary out of the car, then hurried her into the hospital. Nick really wanted everything to be perfect, so he had a team of doctors waiting for them when they arrived. They quickly prepared Mary for birth, then all boarded the elevator for the ride up to the delivery room. Alas, there was no room for Nick, so he stayed behind. Mary rode up alone, but the next time the elevator door opened, there was a new Yankovic on board. Alfred Matthew Yankovic was born in an elevator on the way up to the delivery room. Surely a prophetic beginning for a man on his way to the top."

Rise To Stardom


'Weird Al' Today



If anyone has problems with my replication of the text contained in the book please contact me and it will be removed ASAP