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Favorite Sites
Aussie Al

You're already here I know. But this is just a useless plug for my own site.

The Official 'Weird' Al' Website

You can't go past this site for any type of official 'Weird Al' information


One of the best fansites I have ever seen. Effectively it's just a big search engine devoted to Al. What more could you want?!

Song Lyrics

Great place for Lyrics of most kinds, large selection from 'Weird Al' Yankovic

Michael's Site (Coleslaw)

My friend Michael's site has some pretty good Al info. Second only to mine of coarse. (Because he stole it all!)

Weird Al Wannabe

A great tribute site devoted to Al. This guys done a great job covering some of Al's songs.  Well worth a look if you consider yourself a "Weird Al" Wannabe

Ultra Al A great site! Some really good stuff to read if your just having a casual day of browsing Al. Nice Concert Reviews.

'Weird' Al Forums

This site looks really good but i didn't get a chance to look all the way through. But what i saw was pretty good quality. Check it out.

Al-oholics Anonymous

I searched for a long time trying to find someone to put into last spot on the page. But i reckon Al-oholics Anonymous is worth it. This site really doesn't deserve to be in last place. I'm surprised im only just finding it.


If you've got a link to suggest head over to my 'Contact' page and i'll have a look at it