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Welcome to

Your Number 1 source for Australian "Weird Al" Yankovic Information.  Here you'll find everything you'll ever need to know relating to Australian information about Al.  For Aussie info check out "Australian Al" on the menu to your left.  On the site you'll  also find A History of Al, Current Album Info, A Photo Album, Concert Reviews, A Forum and a bunch of Weird Links.
Go to the "Guestbook" or "Contact" page with any corrections.

Have Fun - James

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Updates & Enhancements
12/10/2003 - My wonderful site is born
15/12/2003 - Updated the colour scheme and added a few more links
16/12/2003 - I finally finished the Poodle Hat Review
17/12/2003 - Updated the About Alfred page, but its still not complete.  My site is being considered for a link on
17/12/2003 - The Aussie-Al Corkboard is born, politely Christened by Michael

A Bit About Me (Boring!)

Well my name's James i'm 16 and i live in Brisbane, Australia (hence Aussie-Al).  I first discovered Al at the when i heard A Complicated Song playing on Saturday Morning Rove (So i'm a bit of a newbie at this). I'm  Not as cultured as some of the other website owners but i've researched a lot since then and i'm confident enough.  My friend Michael (who you'll see mentioned a few times through the site) are huge Al fans so collectively we feed off each other (not literally! gross) and we know a fair bit between us.

Look Around - James

Al News Update

Da Da Da Daaaaaa! With absolutely no competition in my mind Mr "Weird" Al Yankovic has snagged the Grammy for Best Comedy Album. But honestly did anyone really doubt him for a second? Anyways, GO AL!!!!

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