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Photo Album
This is just a page of Al photo's randomly tossed onto a page. Enjoy!. I've included some of the pictures from the Poodle Hat enhanced CD if anyone has a problem contact me on my Details page.

Al in his best Eminem 'get-up'. (Couch Potato parody of Lose Yourself)

The wind suddenly changed in the middle of a Yankovic recording sesion

Al was handing out free Sourkrout at the Poodle Hat photo shoot. Oh well more for him

100 Metres Invisible Hurdles in the Albequerque Games

Gotta love those clothes! (Oh yeah the accordians pretty good too!)

Someone Told Al That Parody Singers Can Fly

The Alapalooza Cover

Al Back In The Good Old Days

Off The Deep End Cover

Not Even A Caption Can Explain This Behaviour

I could really go for a big bowl of Sourkrout right now

I Could Honestly Not Come Up With A Caption For This! (The Guy's Just Singing)

I think this picture was used on a Billboard for "Running with Scissors"

Al's First Record (Self Titled)

If You Look Closely Has His Leg Actually Disappeared

The UHF Soundtrack

I Actually Have This One On Vinyl. Yeah Kids You Know Those Things Your Grandparents Play Music On!

Who Could Resist

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